- Dirk Fontaine

Ward 12 City Councillor Candidate

I’m running for Ward 12 because I love this city. Calgary has given me the opportunity to raise a family, own my own business and work for some of the greatest companies there are in this country. These past few years have proven to be challenging for many people in this city, and we needed a bold City Council to navigate us through those tough times, however we got the opposite.

We instead saw a divided, dysfunctional council continue to spend your money recklessly while steadily raising your taxes. Calgary is one of the greatest cities in the world, and I believe it is time for new leadership focused on serving the needs of Calgarians first and foremost.

As your Ward 12 Councillor, I would be your voice on City Council. So while it is important for you to know where I would stand on the issues of today, it is even more important for me to hear from you to define where we will go in the future.